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It's Time To Meet Team Rustic

With wedding season 2023 just about to begin, it's highly likely you will come into contact with different members of the team throughout your wedding planning journey with us. Your wedding is a very big deal and it's important to us that you get to know, and trust the people responsible for making your dream become a reality.

No matter your budget, your wedding is an investment, not only into one of the biggest days of your life but your future, your wedding is the stepping stone for what is to come and really is the first page of a new chapter.

For Team Rustic, we are hugely aware that we are a massive part of your planning journey and we will probably be one of the suppliers whom you have the most contact with. We aren't only your wedding stylists but we are the people you will look to for advice and support along the way.

We will be the people offering you tips and reassurance, we will become the friends you didn't know you needed and, for many past couples, we will remain firm friends forever.

For Team Rustic, we want to make the process enjoyable, we want to be your wedding Godmothers and of course we want to get it right.

So, who are we? Let's meet the dream team

the rustic wedding company

LESLEY - Director & Owner

Our girl boss, wearer of all the hats - or should we say crowns?

Lesley first founded The Rustic Wedding Company back in 2014 after developing a passion for all things wedding.

After starting out hand making rustic bunting and other wedding items to sell on Etsy in between her teaching role, Lesley soon expanded into full venue styling and eventually, launched her passion into a full time career.

As the team member you will meet and speak to the most, Lesley has key responsibilities in all areas of the business - she leads consultation appointments, admin, styling, floral design, signage making, accounting, marketing & payroll as well as so many other things - you name it, Lesley does it all.

Lesley really does have a keen eye for detail when setting up your day after working on almost 500 weddings in her time and her favourite area to design & set up is the Top Table!

She is wife to Gary (who you may occasionally see) and Mummy to little Henry who was born mid pandemic amongst all of the chaos.

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the rustic wedding company

RHIANNON - Stylist & Florist

Rhiannon joined the team back in March 2022 and has very quickly become a Key part of the team.

An experienced Stylist and trained Florist, Rhiannon is likely to be at every wedding we style. She plays a key part in the whole process right from the preparation & packing through to the final set up on the day.

She is also the lady responsible for making most of our floral centrepieces & backdrops!

When asked what Rhiannon enjoys the most about her role, she told us it was being part of someones special day and helping them to bring their vision to life.

Her favourite moment of every wedding is lighting the candles once we have finished styling, standing back & admiring all of the hard work.

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the rustic wedding company

JEANETTE - Laundry Specialist

Otherwise known as Mama Rustic.

If you didn't know already, the lovely Jeanette is the proud Mum of our business owner Lesley and Auntie to our admin lead Steph.

Jeanette has been with the team since the very beginning as a part time stylist and all round good egg. There isn't a candlestick she can't buff to perfection and a chair drape or table runner she cannot smooth to royal standards.

She occasionally attends weddings to help with set up if we need an extra pair of hands but her main role is behind the scenes packing boxes, and focussing her time on our mountains of laundry & ironing.

When Jeanette isn't working, you'll find her cooing over her Grandson Henry.

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the rustic wedding company


Stephanie is the latest addition to Team Rustic and joined us in August 2022.

Steph is primarily office based at Rustic HQ and focusses most of her time on replying to all of our new enquires via email and booking in clients for consultation appointments. It is likely she will be the first person you speak to at Team Rustic.

Steph is also in charge of the monthly newsletter, writing blog posts to showcase our previous weddings, positing welcome packs to new clients and checking in with our booked clients along their journey with us.

You may spot her at your wedding if we need an extra pair of hands or you may get to chat to her during a consultation visit or a Prop Hire Collection at our showroom.

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Every year we seem to be expanding our team and we are going to be advertising some available job posts soon - so keep an eye out for these on our Instagram & Facebook if you'd like to join our team!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to know a little bit more about us or what we do. You can find more information in our brochure which you can download here...


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