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The Wedding Trend Report 2018

Working as a wedding stylist, I have seen my fair share of different trends come and go. When I first started The Rustic Wedding Company in 2014 there was a huge demand for handmade bunting and anything made of out hessian. It was our bread and butter so to speak and we literally sold hundreds of metres of bunting and hessian table runners in our first year alone.

Then along came the requests for sequins, rose golds and mixed metallics. Sequinned table runners and table cloths, sparkly bridesmaids dresses and mixed metallic props all became super popular indeed.

On the 1st of December last year we decided we wanted to do a bit of research into trends so that our clients could stay ahead of the game and we posted our very first Wedding Trend Report for the upcoming season. (find the 2017 report here)

We predicted foliage would be hugely popular, calligraphy and copper would continue to top the charts and that you'd be seeing tonnes and tonnes of drippy, semi-naked cakes - and boy were we correct!

So this year we are happy to announce we have put together a new Wedding Trend Report for 2018!

We've literally scoured the internet to bring you this list of upcoming predictions. We've looked at home interior trends & predictions for 2018, have been following fashion trend releases from top designers and spent hours and hours searching through pinterest & instagram (most certainly the best two places for inspo if you ask me) - not to mention all the time we have spent tralling through top wedding blogs too.

So here is a run down of our predicted wedding styling trends for 2018.

1. Circles & Hoops

Literally anything circular is going to be huge next year.

Clusters of circles covered in foliage and made into backdrops are going to be super popular, as are huge circular arbours and archways covered in flowers and greenery for ceremonys & top table backdrops.

Hanging circular table plans, menus & other wedding stationery and large ceiling floral installations will all be topping the trends list next year.

We may even see some circular bridal or bridesmaids bouquets making an appearance too. (We just love this idea! It's so nice to see something new and refreshing enter the wedding world.)

the wedding trend report 2018

image from www.bridesmagazine.co.uk

hoop wedding bouquet

image from www.onefabday.com

the wedding trend report 2018

image from www.rutheileenphotography.com

circle hoop backdrop

image from www.pinterest.co.uk

the wedding trend report 2018

image from www.wedding-venues.co.uk

the wedding trend report 2018

image by www.rstyle.me

2. Velvet

Smooth and svelt, velvet is looking like its going to be big next year too. We've seen an influx of velvet gowns, velvet bridal shoes and velvet styling details making an appearence on the blogs and can confirm that we love the luxury look of this new trend.

From velvet backdrop drapery to velvet table cloths to trailing velvet ribbons on bridal bouquets and grooms suits. The velvet trend has arrived with a bang in the styling world!

the wedding trend report 2018

image from www.stylemepretty.com

the wedding trend report 2018

image from www.southernweddings.com

the wedding trend report 2018

image from www.lovemydress.net

the wedding trend report 2018

image from www.weddingchicks.com

the wedding trend report 2018

image from www.blovedblog.com

3. Macrame

Macrame has been around for years. (literally since the 60's & 70's) but it has recently made a huge comeback at boho weddings.

It's also really popular with home interior stylists right now and some high street stores are beginning to stock small mass produced items for all to buy.

We have seen a lot of Macrame used at boho themed weddings on pinterest and blogs recently and I predict that next year it is going to become a bit more mainstreamed with more and more couples choosing to include it in their decor.

We're going to see macrame table backdrops, macrame table runners and chair backs, hanging macrame decor and macrame ceremony backdrops everywhere next year.

the wedding trend report 2018

image by Magda K Photography

the wedding trend report 2018

image by Magda K Photography

wedding trends 2018

image by Magda K Photography

wedding trends 2018

image by www.greenweddingshoes.com

wedding trends 2018

Image by www.junebugweddings.com

4. Pampas Grass

Now i know this might sound like a bit of a weird one to you seeing as it's not generally something we have seen in wedding floral arrangments recently but I can confirm that next year we are going to be seeing more and more fluffy pampas grass in venue styling.

Huge hanging installations in particular will be popping up everywhere, they'll be fluffy seed heads in floral arrangements and we'll certainly see this trend combined with the circular trend quite a lot I can imagine.

wedding trends 2018

image by www.bridalmusings.com

wedding trends 2018

image by www.greenweddingshoes.com

wedding trends 2018

image by www.magnoliarouge.com

wedding trends 2018

image via instagram @chrisandruth

pampas grass wedding archway

image by www.peggysaas.com

5. Ash Rose

Each year Pantone release a selection of colours that they predict to be up and coming in fashion, home interiors and beyond for the new year.

This year their predicted selection of 2018 spring colours included - PANTONE 17-1514 Ash Rose.

We love the dusky hues of this colour and think it will be perfect for autumn and winter weddings next year.

It works super well with the current greenery trend and I think we can expect to see this colour popping up on our feeds everywhere soon.

pantone ash rose trend 2018

image by www.elegantweddinginvites.com

Also in the line up for next year are (left to right) 17-1929 Rapture Rose, 18-1325 Spiced Apple and 15-1520 Blooming Dahalia which certainly proves that pink tones are going to be popular in design, all around the world in 2018.

So. There we have it. The top 5 wedding styling trends and colours that we are predicting to be popular for 2018.

What do you think?

If you want to see more inspo pictures along the lines of these trends then pop on over to our pinterest now for oodles and oodles of beautiful images.

We honestly can't wait to hear the requests for giant circular arbours full of pampas grass coming in!

Lesley & The Rustic Wedding Co. Team xx

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