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From Styling Plan to Reality: How to style your DIY wedding

When our clients book a bespoke styling package with us, they can expect exactly that - bespoke and original work.

Don't get me wrong, we are super fond of all of the inspirational apps, websites, blogs & magazines out there but we tend to use them only to gather a range of ideas together before we work on creating our own concept designs which are personalised to each different client of ours.

top table goals wedding styling leicester mythe barn

There really are some absolutely incredible ideas out there in the world of weddings right now and we love to swoon over the likes of Rock My Wedding and Style Me Pretty as much as the next person, but to us copying the styling that has already occurred at these weddings is just not our bag. 

Because trends come and go over the years and change so frequently in the world of weddings we would absolutely hate it that our clients look back on their wedding day in a few years to come and regret the choices they have made due to the lack of personalisation and design that is exclusive to them. I mean I already look back on my own wedding from 2015 and wonder why I decided to use so much hessian – but hey, it was on trend at the time!

rustic hessian wedding barn leicester

To us, each wedding should be different and really should reflect you as a couple. That is why we work so closely with our clients at the start of their planning journey to draw out their personalities and find out all of the qualities that make them unique.


If you are familiar with our business, and I'm sure you are by now as we ramble a lot on social media, you will know that we always start out by creating a personalised styling plan for each of our clients. (unless of course they are choosing to have DIY prop hire from us and that is organised in a totally different way – maybe I’ll write a post on this another time).

The Styling Plans are put together to outline each of the different areas that are to be decorated by us and summarises the props that we intend to use in relation to the chosen colour scheme.

We like to plan each area in great detail, right down to the dimensions of tables and how many candles are needed to create the desired effect.

We spend an incredible amount of time gathering inspirational images from Pinterest for each different styling plan booklet but most of the time it really is impossible to find exactly what we are looking for! For us, a “best fit” design just won’t explain our design intentions appropriately or accurately, so this is where we go back to basics, get our pens and paper out and design new concepts for ourselves - in our case however, it’s not so much pens and paper these days as it is an apple pencil and an iPad pro.


Here is an example of a simple bespoke design that we created for Laura and Karne's wedding back in December 2017 at Crockwell Farm in Northamptonshire.

Laura & Karne's Rustic Wedding Styling Plan guestbook Table

And here is how it actually turned out at their wedding... We think it looks great!


Here is another design that we have put into practice at Hothorpe Hall Woodlands Wedding Venue in Leicestershire. This time the design was for a top table backdrop that we wanted to create from scratch to match current styling trends - using copper colours, perspex signage, a topiary backdrop and greenery.

woodland wedding top table design


And for our final example... a gorgeous water colour wedding cake table display that we put together with help from Amy Bailey Design, Catkin Flowers and the wonderful Belmont House Cakery.

It is really difficult to show you guys what we can really do with just a few examples, however if you want to see our work in the flesh, why not allow us to design something special and unique for your wedding? All you have got to do is get in touch via our simple online contact page or alternatively you could book an appointment to chat to us face to face at the studio. Tell us your colour scheme, show us your ideas and we'll get designing for you!

Recently we have been designing some absolutely incredible bespoke work for our 2018 and 2019 clients, however we can't quite show you those just yet. You'll have to keep your eye out on our Instagram to see them as they unfold.

A big thanks to Casey Avenue Photography, SMD Photography and Sarah Vivienne Photography for capturing our work so beautifully.

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