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A Christmas Wedding Feast From Across the Pond

This blog post comes to you from across the pond today - all the way from the South Eastern State of North Carolina in the USA in fact.

Rustic Christmas Wedding Ideas

The lovely Natasha at Fords Fluent n’ Food Catering reached out to us earlier in the year to feature this fabulous shoot they arranged for some Christmas Wedding inspo and we thought you guys might like to take a look.

We love the festive colour palette, the rustic setting and table set up and lets be honest - the food looks pretty darn incredible too!

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Rustic Christmas Wedding Ideas
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Rustic Christmas Wedding
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Rustic Christmas Wedding Ideas
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Rustic Christmas Wedding Ideas
Rustic Christmas Wedding Ideas
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Fords Fluent N’ Food Catering created and implemented the vision of this shoot with the help of lots of different wedding experts in Raleigh, North Carolina. They not only provided all the food for the event but organised and thought about every single scene of this shoot.

Their vision was to create the perfect Christmas wedding incorporated with a lot of delicious eye-popping food and they couldn’t be prouder with the outcome of the shoot.

Read on below to see what Natasha had to say about the shoot...

" It's Christmas time... the most wonderful time of the year. Our couple knew they always wanted to have a Christmas wedding and they wanted to make sure that there was plenty of food to go around. You see, they are foodies. They love cookies, fruit tarts and everything from sweet to savoury.

Their vision was to make sure food was everywhere at their wedding. From start to finish, food was served from the minute guests arrived until the very end.

The golds, the silvers, the greens and everything in between kept the entire wedding glowing with elegance. Whilst wine glasses were always filled, shots were poured and the champagne continuously popped.

The party never stopped. From smiling faces to full bellies, the happy couple wanted to make sure everybody was full and feeling happy! "

The vision for the day was evident from the outset. Everything had to be vibrant and filled with beautiful food. The decor was elegant and festive and every single element was thought about when creating this shoot. From the horse in front of the Rolls Royce Excalibur - to the champagne tower with pomegranate seeds in the bar area.

Even the desserts were strategically planned out and everything was made from scratch, including the fabulous gingerbread house.

Chef Ford at Fords Fluent N' Food Catering likes to wine and dine his guest while giving them the "Fluent N' Food experience." Jingle bells rang in the background, the candles flickered beautifully throughout, and children all sang as the dinner was about served.

Dinner included, Pomegranate Salad, sweet and tangy, topped with goat cheese and candied pecans, Lemon-Rosemary roasted chicken and red potatoes and green beans sautéed with white wine and garlic to complement.

The Models, Camellia and Charlie were in for a treat because we brought them a festive feast right to their seat! - A Surf N’ Turf made for a King & Queen! Filet mignon over bleu cheese mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, topped with a Carolina crab cake, and two shrimp kissing at the top!

The shoot ended ever so beautifully as Camellia and Charlie danced beside the Christmas tree, listening to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It undoubtedly was a day that would never be forgotten and we really enjoyed organising this shoot.

If you would like to get to know us better, then please visit our website or Facebook page.

Natasha xx

Meet the Wedding Experts involved:

Coordinators/Event Designers/Catering: Fords Fluent N' Food

Photographer: Tracy Timmester

Hair/Makeup: Fresh Floral

Hair/Makeup: Parlor Dry Bar

Transportation: Classy Transportation

Men’s Suit: SF Tailors

Plate Rental: CE Rental

We love the images and are thankful that they were submitted to us. (although i must admit I am super hungry now & I need to get a posh Surf 'n' Turf in my belly asap!)

If you have got a shoot that you would like us to feature on the blog then do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Rustic Wed Co. Team


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