• Lesley McCall

The ‘Great British Bunting’ Trend.

Here at The Rustic Wedding Company we are just crazy about bunting… beautiful printed hessian bunting trimmed with lace to be more specific.

To us, bunting itself is totally dreamy. We feel that the decoration possibilities are truly endless and that it really is way more than just a cheap trimming. We believe that lots of prettily coloured and intricately patterned flags swishing side to side across any room really can bring the even the most basic of spaces to life. Plus, it always reminds us of years gone by… which to us (and probably to you also) makes it even more fabulous.

Back in 1953, bunting was the chosen decoration by the Great British public in honour of The Queen’s coronation, and then raised its beautiful head again for the Golden & Diamond Jubilee celebrations more recently.

Historical photographs of these events show strings and strings of it lining the streets of Britain whilst people partied happily with their neighbours below.

It was also very popular back in the 1950’s and the swinging 60’s for garden parties, weddings and other events, so there really is no wonder that we are once again obsessed with this wonderful decoration as the vintage wedding trend continues to thrive.

Now, following on from the ever popular ‘Great British Bunting’ trend - (you’ve certainly all heard of the’ Great British Bake Off’… now hear about the ‘Great British Bunting’ trend *wink wink*) - here at The Rustic Wedding Company we are truly obsessed with it! We spend most of our days frantically pinning away beautiful inspirational images on our Pinterest page… check these out here if you’re interested... and spend far too much time daydreaming of what we can create next.

Luckily for us, we are frequently contacted by lots of you lovely people and asked to design many different personalised buntings. Mr & Mrs buntings are particularly popular but we are more than happy to create the very unusual or even the downright bizarre should you wish us to!

Other than our personalised stuff, we do however stock a range of readymade bunting in our online store such as our famous mini ‘CARDS’ bunting or our ‘JUST MARRIED’ - all of which are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Anyway I think we have rambled on about bunting for way longer than is socially acceptable so off we trot… (probably to pin a few more inspirational pics… don’t judge).

Feel free to contact us with any requests you might have. And remember, the weirder, the better.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The Rustic Wedding Co. Team. x

Images: Amy Wass / Newham Council Arts & Heritage

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