• Lesley McCall

10 Chalkboards you NEED at your wedding!

It can be quite daunting being a guest at someones wedding. We've all been there. You don't know where you're supposed to sit at the ceremony, you don't know whether you're allowed to take one of those really inviting glasses of champers when you arrive at the reception and you have absolutely no idea what you're supposed to do with that damn photobooth!

This is why it is important as a bride & groom that you actually inform your guests of what they can and can't do at your wedding (very politely of course), and what better way to tell them what to do than to use a beautifully hand written chalk board. I mean God forbid they should delete all of the photos off of your tripod camera before you get a chance to see them or sit in Grandma's specially allocated seat.

Luckily for you guys, chalkboards these days come in all different shapes and sizes. Most home decoration stores sell them so they are quite easy to get your hands on. All you have got to do is decide how many you want. Below is a selection of beautiful chalkboards that I believe that are a must at your wedding.

1. Welcome to the wedding of...

Very important if there is more than one wedding taking place at your venue at the same time!

2. Choose a seat, not a side.

Essential if the groom's family is much smaller than the Bride's!

3. Please sign our guest book

Because it really is hard work for the maid of honour to make sure everyone signs 'the book'

4. If you Instagram use hashtag #

Because it is essential that you get to see all of those sneaky guest's snaps

5. Grab a prop & strike a pose

Believe me, you NEED a sign telling your guests what to do with this one...

6. All you need is love and a little cake

Because everybody wants to take a look at the cake before it is cut and munched!

7. Order of service for the day

Because nobody wants to miss last orders at the bar!

8. Food Menu

Who doesn't love a free meal?

9. Introduce the Bridal party

Because lets be honest, you'll be far too busy celebrating to introduce everyone!

10. And finally...Thank you.

Don't forget to say thank you to your guests for all of their hard work and perseverance

Is there any that you think we might have missed? Feel free to get in touch!

The Rustic Wedding Co Team x


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