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How to make new wood look old in 5 easy steps

Here at The Rustic Wedding Company we are literally OBSESSED with all things shabby and have a huge 'soft spot' for recycling old wood items. The only trouble is... the perfect piece of old wood can be quite hard to find, especially if you are looking for a certain amount, length or size. Luckily for us, we have discovered a fantastic way to make brand new untreated wood look like old weathered wood.

Unfortunately, sometimes in the 'craft world' you have got to cheat to get the results you want and lets be honest, we all love to read through a 'cheat tutorial'! That is why we are sharing our secret formula for oxidising wood with you now (but shhhhh don't tell everyone).

Things you'll need:

- some new untreated wood

- an old bowl or jug

- a bottle of white vinegar

- steel wool

- a kettle

- water

- a few tea bags of your choice - any will do

- paint brush


1. Pour some white vinegar into a bowl, jug or jar (or whatever container you don't mind smelling of vinegar for the near future)

2. Add some steel wool into the vinegar mix and leave to oxidise for a day or so. - You will know if it's working because small air bubbles will begin to appear on the surface of the wool. (All this means is that the steel is starting to break down and rust in the vinegar, which is what will eventually give your new wood its distinguished 'rustic' colour)

3. Boil the kettle and make yourself a nice strong cup of black tea... that's right... tea...

4. When the tea has gone cold and the steel wool is bubbling well in the vinegar, add both mixes together and stir.

5. Start to paint the mixture onto any new wood for an instant transformation. - The longer you leave the mixture to oxidise, the darker your new 'old' wood will be.

It really is that simple! Try it now!

One very polite word of warning: This will make your piece of wood smell very strongly of vinegar... so if you're not a huge vinegar fan, it is probably best to avoid this tutorial altogether!

Feel free to let me know how you get on!

Happy Oxidising everyone :)

The Rustic Wedding Co. Team x

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